Increase Operational Equipment Surcharge in MORONI

Dear ALL, Due to an increase in the Moroni Terminal tariff implemented on the 01st July 2022, UAFL will be increasing the Operational Equipment Surcharge on all container shipments into Moroni. The charge will be payable with Sea Freight and will be applied as follows: SCOPE: World to Moroni New Quantum USD 160/TEU Effective date: 01st August 2022 Vessel Sailing at POL. (New shipments) For all your shipments loading between 01st July to 31st July 2022 the difference between the new and old tariffs will be collected locally in Moroni prior to the release. For further information on the above increases, kindly contact your nearest UAFL office. Thanking you all for your continued support. Kind regards, UAFL MANAGEMENT


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